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2014 Orange County Music & Heritage Reunion

The Orange County Music & Heritage Reunion in scheduled for June 6 – 7, 2014 on Congress Square in Orleans, Indiana.

This is the third year for the expanded version of the popular Lotus Dickey Home Town Reunion, which ended its nearly 20 year series in 2011. The “Heritage” component of the new Reunion is designed to recognize, celebrate and pay honor to the rich traditions, values, culture and history of Orange County. The “Heritage” aspect is intended to enhance the traditional music played by local musicians.

Historic churches in Orange County will be featured on Saturday, June 7 on Congress Square. Through the joint efforts of the Orange County Historical Society and SHOC (Saving Historic Orange County,) 28 churches have been selected. The objective was to identify and select church congregations in buildings nearing or over 100 years old. The goal was to locate at least one church group in each township, each town and three rural communities (Valeene, Leipsic and Prospect) which fit the 100-year-old parameter.

Art students from Orange County’s three high schools have created pen and ink drawings of the selected churches. Their art work will be exhibited, along with a brief history of each church, under large tents on the Square. Souvenirs featuring the art work will be available for sale on the day of the event.

Historic churches being featured in the Heritage component of the Orange County Music & Heritage Reunion include the following:

Northwest Township
Bonds Chapel – Methodist, founded 1856, church constructed 1881

Orangeville Township
Wesley Chapel – United Methodist, founded 1857, church constructed 1858
Mt. Horeb – Baptist, founded 1839, church constructed 1915

Orleans Township
Old Union – United Methodist, founded 1828, church constructed 1908
Liberty Christian, founded 1819, church constructed 1857

Northeast Township
Leipsic United Methodist, founded 1896, church constructed 1908

Stampers Creek Township
Stampers Creek Primitive Baptist, founded 1818, church constructed 1836

Paoli Township
Lick Creek Friends Meeting House – Quaker, founded 1813, third church constructed 1901, present site
Newberry Friends Meeting House, founded 1826, church constructed 1856

French Lick Township
Mt. Lebanon – United Methodist, founded 1850, church constructed 1875
Moores Ridge – United Methodist, founded 1825, church constructed 1924
Red Quarry Christian Church, founded 1888, church constructed 1922

Jackson Township
Cane Creek – Christian, founded 1816, church constructed 1872
South Liberty Church of Christ, founded 1869, no date on building

Greenfield Township
Providence Primitive Baptist, founded 1819, church constructed 1880

Southeast Township
Crossroads Church of Christ, founded 1896, church constructed 1898
Harned Chapel – Non-denominational, founded 1890, church constructed 1895

First Baptist, founded 1863, church constructed 1894

Orleans United Methodist, founded 1816, church constructed 1915
Orleans Christian Church, founded 1860s, church constructed 1920

French Lick
Our Lady of the Springs – Catholic, founded 1887, church constructed 1887
Springs Valley Methodist, founded 1852, church constructed 1914
Springs Valley Wesleyan, founded 1916, purchased Methodist 1889 building

West Baden
West Baden Methodist, founded 1892, church constructed 1916
West Baden First Baptist, founded 1907, church constructed 1911
First Baptist Church, founded 1909, church constructed 1909

Valeene Christian, founded 1821, church constructed 1875

Prospect Church of Christ, founded 1858, church constructed 1900

Members of the designated churches are invited to join the exhibit to provide historical information, sell cookbooks, or promote church related events. Bring a card table and chairs, set up, and join the fun under the tent on Reunion Saturday.


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